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MidJourney AI - A guide to get the best results with the prompts


Midjourney is an research lab that produces an artificial intelligence program that creates images made from textual descriptions,

like OpenAI's DALL-E.

Pricing : Free for 25 images / month

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What to consider when using Midjourney's prompts ?

  1. You can establish how specific you need to be, but whatever you omit will be randomly generated. Being vague is a great way to produce variation, but you may not be satisfied with what you end up with. Be sure to be as explicit about any considerations or details which are important for you.
  2. Start the prompt with generic keywords (Magician, Samurai, Boat, Car ...) and then precise the outcome with Style, Artists, References and so on.
  3. There's plenty options to consider
  • β€˜style’ with keywords: Pixar movie style, hand drawn, steam punk style, epic style, grunge style, or an artist Dali, Monet ...
  • Stylize : You can add the setting β€” -s <some number>( denoting style )
  • Chaos: a number between 0 and 100 is assigned to a setting, it reduces or increases the levels of abstraction. /imagine Omaha Beach --chaos 60
  • Resolution : you can use some of the usual keywords like 8K , 4K , photorealistic , ultra photoreal , ultra detailed, intricate details etc or add  --hd or quality 4
  • Aspect ratio : You can specify some of the standard ratios --ar 4:3 or --ar 16:9
  • Image URL as a prompt : You can add a picture and draw a similar result with that kind of prompt /imagine http://www.imgur.com/Im3424.jpg a soldier on the beach
  • Weights to the word : /imagine soldier german::1 french::3 US::1.5
  • filtering out words: Use the --n keyword to discard unwanted items. /imagine Soldier --no gun

This comprehensive guide will show you how to use ChatGPT to find the perfect prompts for MidJourney.

Tools to improve your results with Midjourney

✍️ MidJourney Prompt Helper

This helper will generate the perfect prompt for Midjourney, you can select multiple inputs and the results are stunning.

Midjourney prompt helper screenshot

πŸ€• Face restauration : A tool to improve your images

Usually faces are not well rendered with MidJourney, you can use this tools to improve your existing files.

Midjourney face restauration helper screenshot

πŸ”Image Upscaler with AI

Upscale and enhance your image by using the latest AI technology

Midjourney upscale image screenshot


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